How To Earn and Use MTN Pulse Points to Buy free Data

How to earn MTN free points

How To Earn and Use MTN Pulse Points to Buy free Data

MTN pulse points has been something that most MTN costumers have been enjoying for a long time. The most exciting thing about the points is that they are giving out for free. Most of the activities we carry out earns us some MTN points that can be converted to data and use for browsing.

This offer has been in existence for long, but most people don’t know about it or maybe they knew but they don’t know how to earn it.

You can earn free MTN points by following the steps needed to make you earn free mtn points. we are about to share the idea on how to earn and redeem your own MTN points.

How To Earn Free MTN Pulse Points

Yes, we call it MTN pulse point because this can only be carried out by MTN pulse users.


MTN free points can be earn or accumulated by purchasing data plan and social media plan for instance Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tiktok plan and many more. This offer was said to be added to the network silently without letting or bringing it to customers’ notice.

Now we move to the main part of this article which is the process needed to be taken so that you can be able to earn your own free MTN point.

MTN pulse points

Steps to Get Free MTN Pulse Points

  • To partake On this offer it is recommended that you must first migrate to MTN pulse tarrif plan.
  • Dial the code *406# to migrate to MTN pulse with 0.0k when you are migrating for the first time. You can earn a migration point if you are migrating to MTN pulse for the first time.
  • Note: If you migrates out of pulse tarrif plan, you will not be getting any points when you migrates back.
  • Once the migration is successful, you will be given some points for migrating to MTN pulse.
  • The point can be used to buy data instantly and it’s given to new MTN pulse customer that just migrates to MTN tariff plan.
  • To earn more free points, you have to keep on purchasing data plans. The more data you purchase, the more points you earn.
  • Of which every data plan you purchase will earn you points and 1 point is equivalent to N1. So when you have 1000 points you have N1000 that can be used to buy data
  • Your point balance can be check using the code *406*7# once you Dial the code, the first option you will see is to check your balance. Once you get the point that you need, then you can use it to buy your desired data
  • And the next option which is option two is used to purchase or make use of the points you earned.
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Redeem points

That just it, This service is rendered to MTN pulse users only that any other MTN tariff plan can not Partake on this offer. Enjoy free MTN points.

Points to Note:

  1. MTN points is only available for MTN pulse customers
  2. If you migrates out of MTN pulse, you will not be getting any points when you migrates back.
  3. MTN pulse points is valid for one year only
  4. If you migrates out of MTN pulse, you will lose your points
  5. You can redeem and check your Balance once you Dial *460*7#
  6. The points can not be transferred to another customer.
  7. You can redeem the points you earned by exchanging it to the list below.
  • Data bundles
  • Daily Data plans
  • Weekly Data plans
  • Monthly Data plans
  • IG/TikTok Data bundle
  • Nightlife bundle

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MTN Pulse point

How to buy Data with MTN Pulse point

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  1. am on MTN Beta talk, it’s unfortunate I may not be eligible for this offer.

    is there any point offer for betatalk???

    • Dear Emmanuel, there might not be any points offer for MTN BetaTalk users now, but there are more offer listed below that you can enjoy as an MTN BetaTalk use.

      You will enjoy the following benefits when you are on MTN BetaTalk plan:

      1. 250% bonus airtime on every recharge of N1 and above.
      2.Special bundles: 40MB for N50 and 250MB for N200.
      3. Free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus on the First Recharge or First Call of the month.

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