How to Find my Stolen/Lost Phone

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How to find my phone if lost by any means or maybe if it is being stolen?

A lot of smartphone users have been in a situation or situations where the question How to Find my phone free if Stolen/Lost runs on their minds some even dared to ask.

How to Find my phone free if Stolen/Lost? This is exactly what this post will walk you through. All you need is a smartphone (you can borrow from a family member or a friend) with internet connection.

How to find my phone free using Google find my device app

If you don’t already have the Google find my device android app, kindly go to to download the app. Or launch your Google play app and search “find my phone.” Then install and open the app.


the front page opens showing the app’s logo and below the same page is the Google account of the phone’s owner (that is if the person uses a google account and is signed in already). And below it is an option to sign in as a guest; this option will be appropriate for you if you are using another person’s phone.

sign in using the Google account signed into the lost or missing phone.

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Allow Location Access to enable google locate your current device location.

Then google tracks the current location of the lost phone:

How to find my phone using Google on a web brower

Launch a web browser (chrome, Opera mini, UC browser, etc.) Using a smartphone or a pc. Then enter the fellowing web address or simply click: . You will see what is show on the below.

click on “sign in to start.”

Enter “your gmail address and password” (this email must be signed in on the missing/stolen phone).

To see the second image, slide the image below.

Now select your phone from the phone list as shown below:

It then opens up a window showing your device informations and at the left side and map showing your phone location on the right side. (Slide the below image to see the second image)

In this case the the device found as I tried using Google web based “find my phone” is Tecno SPARK 7P, with the last seen as 4 minutes ago, the sim network as MTN and the percentage as 28.

Then sliding the image above shows the current location of the missing phone. Hence you can track easily.

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